Colorado Coronavirus Cases

As of June 4, Colorado reported 27,360 confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Of these, 1,512 have resulted in death. Denver County has the majority of cases with 5,977 reported. Arapahoe County was second with 4,553, and Adams County with 3,458, was third. Following them, Weld had 2,534, while Jefferson had 2,310.

Source: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment & Colorado State Emergency Operations Center

Colorado To Beef Up Coronavirus Contact Tracing

Colorado will be beefing up its coronavirus contact tracing with the help of Americorps and Senior Corps members mobilized by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Governor Jared Polis announced on Tuesday, June 2, that over 800 members of Americorps and Senior Corps will join Colorado’s efforts to monitor the spread of the coronavirus in the state.

“It’s hard to underscore how important this news is,” said Governor Polis. “With hundreds of contact tracers working in the state, we will have a much better response to the virus and we will be able to address outbreaks more quickly, which will reduce infections, save lives and allow us to be open with our interactions.”

According to the governor, 300 Americorps members from its Southwest Region Campus in Aurora will be starting immediately. Another 350 tracers will come through the Americorps VISTA summer associates program in Denver and Durango, while an additional 100 to 200 Senior Corps volunteers will join in Denver.

“We are thrilled to have these AmeriCorps members join Colorado’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Governor Polis. “Contact tracing is an important part of containing the spread of this virus and ensuring that Coloradans can keep themselves, and those around them, as safe as possible. The work of these members will be critical to the health and safety of Coloradans, as well as next steps for our economy.”

Earlier this week, Governor Polis extended the state’s stay at home order as part of Colorado’s transition into its ‘Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors.’ Phase.

“Over these next few weeks, each and every one of us has a responsibility to protect ourselves and others, especially as we begin venturing out onto our trails and open space,” said the governor.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment has recorded over 26,000 cases of the coronavirus in the state.

"It may feel like we are getting back to normal, but the virus is still here, and it could surge back the moment we let our guard down. We are still far from normal. Coloradans have to remain diligent, and must continue staying home or in the great outdoors away from others as much as possible, wearing masks when we leave the house, and washing our hands."

Governor Jared Polis

Colorado Restaurants Reopen For Business

Restaurants in Colorado finally opened for dine-in services on Wednesday, May 27.

Following the issuance of new guidance by Governor Jared Polis, restaurants in the state have finally reopened for in-person dining after weeks of closure to everything except takeout and delivery services.

“Coloradans have done an incredible job of staying at home and taking the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their neighbors safe,” said Governor Polis. “That’s why we are able to take the first steps toward reopening restaurants, giving more Coloradans the chance to return to work, and encouraging more Coloradans to enjoy our incredible outdoor spaces. We have come a long way since the beginning of this pandemic, but make no mistake, we still have a long way to go. We must remain diligent and continue staying home as much as possible and follow social distancing requirements, wearing a mask, and washing our hands when we leave the house.”

Under the new guidelines, restaurants will be required to seat either 50% of their maximum capacity or 50 individuals, depending on the lesser figure. The restaurants also have the option of expanding outdoor seating into sidewalks, parking lots and other spaces as long as they can get municipal approval. Employees are required to have a face covering on at all times and proper physical distancing protocols are to be observed.

Governor Polis has also issued guidance for the reopening of children’s day camps and youth camps by the beginning of next month. Private campsites were allowed to reopen this week, however sleepaway camps will still remain prohibited.

“Our outdoors are part of who we are as Coloradans, and our campgrounds provide more people with the opportunity to safely enjoy Colorado’s natural beauty at a safe distance from others,” said the governor.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment has recorded over 24,000 confirmed cases in the state.

  • 15,731 initial unemployment insurance claims were recorded in Colorado during the week that ended on May 23.
  • As of April 2020, Colorado has an unemployment rate of 11.3%
  • 8.6% of Coloradans under the age of 65 have no health insurance.
  • 9.6% of Coloradans live under the poverty line.
  • Denver International Airports has reported a 95% reduction in TSA checkpoint traffic when compared with this period last year.

Statistics provided by Statista

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