Denver County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Crime Numbers

Denver County recorded an overall 5,335 violent crimes in 2017, the most recent year with a complete set of crime data. This figure represents a 14.1% increase compared to 2013. A breakdown of the 2017 violent crime data for the county reveals that there were 56 murders, 1,238 rapes, 1,236 robberies, and 2,805 aggravated assaults. Property crime figures for Denver County includes 4,341 cases of burglary, 1,184 frauds, 16,259 larceny thefts, and 5,605 motor vehicle thefts.

Denver Police Department crime data shows that murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault rates increased by 33.3%, 17%, 8.5%, and 15.2% respectively between 2013 and 2017. The county’s five-year crime trend also indicates that while burglary rate dipped by 12.4%, fraud, larceny, and motor vehicle theft rates rose by 15.4%, 4.6%, and 59% respectively.

Criminal Records

The Denver Police Department maintains most criminal justice reports for the county and city. Its Records Unit and Identification Section can provide incidents and accident reports as well as arrest records and photos upon request. To obtain any of these records, start by downloading and completing a request form for an arrest record, arrest photo, accident report, offense report, or civil liability record. Civil liability records include 911 and dispatch recordings, investigation reports, computer aided dispatch reports, and HALO videos.

Send a completed application for an arrest record or arrest photo to:

Denver Police Department
Identification Unit
1331 Cherokee Street, Room 416
Denver, CO 80204-2787

Applications for accident and offense reports should go to:

Denver Police Department
Records Unit
1331 Cherokee Street, Room 420
Denver, CO 80204-2787

Mail a Civil Liability Record Request to:

Denver Police Department
Civil Liability Section
1331 Cherokee Street, Room 504
Denver, CO 80204-2787

Include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request and a check or money order for applicable fees made payable to Manager of Finance or Revenue. The fee for an arrest report is $15 while each arrest photo costs $9. The Denver Police Department charges $10 for an accident or offense report. Fees for Civil Liability Records vary from $15 each for dispatch and investigation reports to $30 for each CD of 911 calls, dispatch recordings, and audio/video/photo. HALO and DUI Room videos cost $35 per hour. Include an Expedite Fee of $50 for a rushed order.

Colorado maintains a statewide registry of sex offenders that is publicly available online. Visit the state’s Sex Offender Tracking and Registration (SOTAR) webpage to search for registered sex offenders living in Denver County. The tool allows anyone to search by name, zip code, city, and street address. To filter your search, make sure to select Denver Police Department or Denver Sheriff’s Department in the Jurisdiction drop-down list of law enforcement agencies in the state.

The Sheriff’s Department maintains all inmate records for the two jails in Denver County. To obtain inmate information, call (720) 913-3600. The Sheriff’s Department also provides a handy Inmate Search tool on its website. Use it to locate individuals incarcerated in the County Jail, Downtown Detention Center, and Denver Health & Hospital.

Court Records

The judicial system in the City and County of Denver includes a District Court, a Probate Court, and a County Court. Denver also has a Colorado Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Both are located at 2 East 14th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203. Each court keeps its records on a separate online portal.

Records of the Denver District Court are available on third-party website rather than the website of the Colorado Judicial Branch. Members of the public can find these records on the Colorado Courts Record Search portal hosted by LexisNexis. These are also available on the website of Background Information Services Inc. Note that accessing both portals require users to register with the websites. Access fees may also apply. While the public can view Denver District Court documents on this site, physical copies are only available at the courts where cases were filed.

To request for a record search for a Denver District Court case, use the online Research Request form on the website of the Colorado Judicial Branch. To obtain copies, visit the Records Department of the court at 1437 Bannock Street, Room 38, Denver.

The records of the Denver County Court are available on the court’s website. Visit the Search page to find records by case number and name. Denver residents can also follow the links on this page to view court calendar, search for warrants, and find court dates.

The Denver Probate Court accepts requests to search its records and obtain copies by mail and in person. To search records and request for copies in person, visit the courthouse located at Room 230 of the City and County Building in Denver. This office opens to the public from Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The office accepts cash, check, and credit card for fee payment for in-person requests.

Submit your mail request, including a self-addressed stamped envelope and a check for applicable fees, to:

Denver Probate Court
City and County of Denver, State of Colorado
City and County Building
1437 Bannock Street, Room 230
Denver, CO 80202-5382

The Probate Court charges $5 to search records for every name requested. Offsite records attract an additional $15 retrieval fee. Copy fee is 25 cents per page. There is an additional $20 per record for certification. The same extra fee applies for record exemplification. Postage fee also applies and varies from request to request.

Vital Records

The Office of the Clerk and Recorder maintains all marriage and real estate records for the City and County of Denver. To search these records, visit the Search Portal of the Clerk and Recorder. Available records include marriage and civil union licenses, court documents, deeds, liens, and plats.

Denver Public Health is the agency responsible for issuing birth and death certificates. Its records cover births within Colorado from 1905 to the present and deaths in Denver County from 1964 to the present. The agency allows members of the public to order birth certificates in person and by phone. Visit the Denver Public Health office at 120 W. 5th Avenue, Denver to complete a request form. Make sure to bring a government-issued photo ID. The office opens to the public from Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Make a request by phone by calling (303) 602-3660. Faxed requests should go to (303) 602-3665. Note that there is an additional processing fee of $10 for a phone request. While a typical phone request takes two business days to fulfil, Denver Public Health can also provide next-day service for an additional processing fee of $20.

Denver County residents can request for birth and death certificates by mail. To do so, start by downloading a birth certificate request form or a death certificate request form. Complete and sign this application and include photocopies of valid ID and the required fees. Send the application to:

Denver Public Health
120 West 5th Avenue
Denver, CO 80204

The fee for the first certified copy of a birth or death certificate is $20. Each additional certified copy of the same record ordered alongside costs $13. Include $10 handling fee for an overnight order and $20 to send ordered records overnight by UPS or FedEx. Fees for mail orders are payable by checks and money orders made out to Denver Vital Records.